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Earth Day is commin Up #LoveAndLight to —-»> @grizzyloves “✨💚🌎💙💫Gratitude and blessings for our Mother Gaia! #earthday #earthdayeveryday #loveandlight #lightfamily #onelove #watao #love #gaia #lightworker #shift #higherconsciousness #raisethefrequency #raisethevibe #green #earth #motherearth #sacred ✨🙏💫 #shoutout & #regram from @tortia #thankyou 💚” via @PhotoRepost_app

Sometimes I almost feel like music is a mistake—like we are not supposed to know about it. We have noses so we can smell, ears to hear, and eyes to see. Music, of course, comes in through out ears, but we all know that it is not just sounds. There is something else included in music that is very difficult to define. To me, it reminds us of where we were before and where we are going after. It is a mysterious vapor that somehow slips in the cracks between this plane of existence and some other one. The people who are good musicians have the ability to conjure up more of that vapor than others. Everyone recognizes it when it’s there. It something universal that goes beyond language and beyond race, country, or nationality. It is unmistakable when that vapor is there, we recognize it as something we all have in common.
Pat Metheny (via tree-whisper)
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    Worlds Within Worlds w/music The Other Side of the Door

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    Royalty Free

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    Narration:Nitawho Music:Kevin MacLeod

A perfect fairy poem for Ishtar or Easter ;)

Worlds Within Worlds (the other side of the door)

Just did another very fun collaboration for HitRecord if you have never heard of it.. check it out! It is a massive collaborative project site, where people can share their creativity in an endless number of ways. Sign up.. share some stuff and if you like this one.. please give it a recommend

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